Recovery Gift Guide, Sober Gift Guide

Recent SAMHSA data shows that addiction is a growing problem in the United States. 28.5 million people have alcohol use disorder and 40 million have substance use disorder, but the effects of addiction ripple outward beyond the person using substances. Alysse Bryson is a strong woman in recovery, an innovative media maven, marketing guru, and gal about town.

  • Our trusted behavioral health specialists will not give up on you.
  • A customized token can symbolize achievement, peer support, and personal merit.
  • “I’m just a laid-back old school Seattlite…with sober superpowers. You can take the girl out of the party, but you can’t take the party out of the girl.”

We can inform you about this condition by giving you relevant information. Most of all, however, beating addiction or alcohol requires support. A customized token can symbolize achievement, peer support, and personal merit. Many individuals in recovery initially turned to substances for the sensation of feeling ‘alive’. A natural, non-harmful adrenaline rush could be a fitting gift for someone in recovery.

Make a booklet of inspirational sobriety quotes

We Level Up Treatment Center provides world-class care with round-the-clock medical professionals available to help you cope. All are working as a team giving intervention services and information on all aspects of treatment. Call today to speak with one of our treatment specialists. Many of them know what you are going through personally and can answer any of your questions. We Level Up Rehab Center’s free hotline is open 24/7 for no-hassle calls about interventions.

Give your loved one something to do with his hands that doesn’t involve reaching for alcohol or drugs. The AT Mag Editorial Team includes content experts that contribute to this online publication. Editors and recovery experts review our blogs carefully for accuracy and relevance.

Gift Idea #9: Sober Unicorn Coffee Mug

That special person in your life will be pleased when you gift this meaningful treasure they can wear for any occasion. Begin with a free call to an addiction & behavioral health treatment advisor. The We Level Up treatment center network delivers recovery programs that vary by each treatment 1 year sobriety gifts facility. Alcoholism is a severe disease that should not be taken lightly. We Level Up Treatment Center can provide you, or someone you love, the tools to recover from alcoholism or drug addiction with professional and safe treatment. Feel free to call us to speak with one of our counselors.

Getting sober is no easy feat, so having something that marks this life event is something that can be cherished forever. Sites such as Etsy offer many, which could be engraved with your loved one’s sobriety date. Find unique recovery gifts for men & women personalized with creative designs, cool colors & engraving. Find 100s of sobriety or addiction recovery gift ideas to celebrate an anniversary or sober birthday. Engrave a congratulatory message on a symbolic New Day sunrise pill box or engrave a sponsor’s phone number on a cell phone themed money clip.

Personalized Sobriety Gifts

Yes, being 1 year sober is a huge accomplishment, but anyone who decides to get sober is someone worthy of celebration at any given time. Searching for sobriety gifts to motivate a loved one to get help? It’s challenging to help a loved one struggling with addiction. Sometimes a direct, heart-to-heart conversation can start the road to recovery. But when it comes to addiction, the person with the problem often struggles to acknowledge it.

  • For instance, my best friend and I will go to the grocery store, do laundry, or get our car washed during our errand dates.
  • Sobriety milestones call for meaningful and thoughtful presents.
  • A personalized journal can help as well for daily affirmations.
  • Still, it could be a personalized memento with their sobriety date or something related to their hobbies, or something in their life they gained in recovery.
  • A journal is a lovely way to acknowledge how much self-reflection they’ve accomplished and signify your encouragement to continue to do so.

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